output 179 | 2019-06-29
The past few days I have been trying to figure out how to structure larger web applications in Flask. I'm finally starting to make some progress. This is a web application using this new structure that displays a bunch of deep work data I have collected on myself this year. Most of the logic of Futureland: Alpha currently exists in a single file. I'm still and always be learning how to code. Before Jan 01 2019, I had not written any code. I need to switch Futureland: Alpha to this new structure because it's the right thing to do and because I can't manage all of the code in a single file. It's difficult to debug, difficult to think through. I tried moving it into this new structure a few different ways, Nothing was really working and I have not been able to achieve a full understanding. After a few days of failing, I finally decided to read through books and documentation in detail. Looking up any word and forming an understanding of anything I did not know. I have been learning how to code, but I did not understand things like how an app is initialized or how it's connected or how it can be architected. I've started to form my own understanding of these concepts. Tomorrow I'll start rewriting Futureland: Alpha in this new structure. Once that is done, it should free me up to make more rapid improvements to this tool.