output 149 | 2019-05-30
This is my entire process of learning how to code on Futureland: Alpha. I have also started creating profiles for other users who can begin populating their profiles with their outputs. The process of creating this has been a valuable learning experience. The amazing thing about code is that you can go through the entire lifecycle of creating something on your own. The ideation, the design, the code, the researching and learning, fixing bugs, communicating the project to people. Going through this entire life cycle on your own is excellent practice in making things. Also I am finding that when I get lost or confused about what to make or how to make it - I have to come back to my own needs and desires in tools like this. I think in the early stages of working on projects like this, it makes a lot of sense to focus on solving your own problems and then evolving from there. If no one else finds a tool useful, at least you have created something that solved your own problem. This way of working also gives you a sense of confidence because it gives you a clearer and in a way a binary focus. Have you solved your problem or not?